Tuesday, April 17, 2007

world chat: debalie | centre for politics and culture

Fighting for tolerance!

7080: Worldchat | Liteside festival

De Balie | Kleine-Gartmanplantsoen 10 Amsterdam
20 april | 21.30 - 00.30 hrs. | language: English

The 7080: Worldchat fights for global tolerance. On April 20 the greater
theme of the 7080: Worldchat will be the difficulties that an individual
who was born in a different culture than in the one in which he or she lives
experiences, not to be judged by the prejudices that exist about that
culture. Sometimes it's almost as if every Arab has to defend himself for
the fundamental points of view of some imams. Many other examples exist.

Will generation7080 be more tolerant than its parents? What is the role of
art to overcome cultural prejudices? What is the relationship of the media
to these prejudices: can they fight them? Do they shape them? How do young
activists in Lebanon, Iraq, or Israel fight for freedom, tolerance and

7080: Worldchat brings together in the Balie and on the internet writers,
artists, politicians, philosophers and activists. In the Balie will be
present: Bojana K. Grabas (sociologist), Sameena Khan (designer, creator
of theatre), Rodhan Al Galidi (poet, writer), Susan Youssef (director of
and Fatemeh Fattahi (artist). Many others will be present on the chat.

To join the 7080: Worldchat : visit the Balie at April 20 or log in from
9.30pm. Send an email to 7080@balie.nl receive a log in password.

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