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A KuKu Sztuka Association, supported by the City Hall of Gdynia presents an interdisciplinary artistic event entitled TRANSVIZUALIA. Festival of Audio-Visual and Multimedia Forms, that inscribes itself into a group of innovative Polish festivals.


TRANSVIZUALIA: Festival of Audiovisual and Multimedia Forms is an interactive visual and musical experiment dealing with issues of interrelation between and coexistence of arts as well as multimedia synthesis of contemporary art and technology. It generates a space of media accumulation in order to discover their energetic and emotional potential. Transvisualia is based on presenting a close mutual relationship between visuality and sound and creating a balance between suggestive lasting of an image and firm influence of different musical forms.

The festival is well inscribed into the series of internationally recognizable events that mirror and shape the consciousness of the contemporary highly technological and information-based society. It presents progressive media dynamics in search of new perspectives, contexts and interpretations.



The current edition of Transvisualia: Mediascream! (re)constructs polyphony of narration that stratifies images and sounds with a high amplitude of emotions. We are living in a fascinating multimedia world in which directly, with no distance at all, we experience the repeated amplification of a signal and the omnipresence of screens and technology.

At the point of intersection of many views and forms, a s(t)imulated place of brief interactions comes into being. It allows for freeing the energy and emotions. The Screamof multimedia will be at the same time seductive and irritating, physiological and strange, compact and cathartic. The alternative reality of facts and media artefacts will subtly affect the audience leaving long term changes in their perception. The process will be initiated of simulating sensations, liberating the meanings, provoking and manipulating. Our own emotions and the strange ones; the primary and the fabricated ones; the individual and those common to all of us. The transfer of data, images and sounds; the circulation of energy, the attack and passion. It's the process of our false self-identification; a kind of entering and exiting different worlds; an approval of quick transformations and unexpected (re)actions. The festival is also a formation of self-identity through absorption of fast messages, liberation of views, submission of oneself to a multimedia revolution – be it simulated or authentic. It is a confrontation of one’s body, thoughts and personality with a vivid tissue, a synergy of arts and multiplicity of interpretations.

The current edition of Mediascream! deals with the unpredictable, bodily and emotional experience of multimedia and with the (im)possibility of real dialogue and exchange.

Lena Dula / Director TV 007


During the four days of projections, performances, concerts and other music-related events the Warehouse at 30, Polska Str. [4500 m2] will transform into an alternative, multimedia reality. During the Transvizualia festival we will present works inspired by the slogan: MEDIASCREAM! [Stimulation-Simulation]. Call for artists will be sent round the world. The works shown in the particular festival sections will be selected by the festival programme committee. All of the festival coordinators will invite selected artists to participate in the festival and they will chose workshops and projects as accompaning events. The festival will be promoted through different local and nationwidel media and supported by PR professionals.

Transvizualia will also adopt various additional public spaces (street-art events). A wide range of accompanying events is planned at the festival club organized within the space of the Warehouse.

The educational character of the festival is underlined by a series of workshops entitled „Transmedia Form Laboratory“, which aim at confronting and familiarizing the audience with new technologies.

The whole event is organized with the help of well-experienced cultural managers, curators, artists, art critics and other professionals.


There are two contest sections within TRANSVIZUALIA Festival: MEDIACREAM! - the main contest module and MODELATOR Young People's Section – contest directed to students of fine arts academies. There will be one main prize awarded in both contest sections. Additionally, the artistic and programme directors will award a special prize to a selected festival event that reflects the character of Transvizualia MEDIACREAM! Edition most accurately.

The contest regulations give a detailed description of entry submission and selection procedure. It is available on


The idea of the festival is based on a hybrid combination of many complementary sections whose role is to stimulate artistic events as well as activate reception of diverse audiences.

Basic sections:

Mediascream!: multimedia exhibition of works sent to the festival and inspired by its theme. It will be held throughout the whole festival;

TV-Liveacts: a rich programme of evening and night artistic events, which provide a symbiotic combination of visuality, music, performance and other media – depending on the project. Part of it will be live music performed by acknowledged Polish and foreign artists who explore new musical horizonts;

Transmedia Form Laboratory: a series of workshops on audio-visuality and usage of new techniques/technologies, e.g. video/digital camera – high definition / innovative graphic software / music videos / vj / animation / video-art / multimedia workshop of imagination;

Videodrom: platform of video-art – a review of Polish and international video-art [presentation of resources, e.g. Electronic Arts Intermix, Tank TV etc.];

Cinema:rotations – a diverse programme of film reviews: film retrospect – Masters-Visioners / Screening of avant-garde films: Avant-garde Revolutions with a unique music setting / Experimental short-films from around the world – TV Shortcuts];

Visioncreations: graphic battles and VJ +DJ presentations – visualisations as a means of artistic expression, wide presentation of well-known and celebrated VJs and Djs invited to confront each other in the image and sound battles;

„Modelator“ Young People Section: section for young people and debutants, a review of selected projects of Fine Arts Academy students;

Additional sections:

Trans-telepanel: a moderated discussion with the use of multimedia.

Street-Art: artistic actions in the city space inspired by the theme of the festival;

Festival club + Pink Flamingo – arranged in the Warehouse, with a complex programme of various interdisciplinary events;

Mediascream! artistic open-air project – a possibility to organise summer open-air workshops for students entitled Mediascream!, whose effects will be presented during the festival;

Transvizualia Magazine: published on a CD and accompanied by artzine dedicated to new media /art /synthesis of art / innovative music, and distributed throughout Poland [publishing date: December 2007]; – the festival web site will gradually transform into a detailed data base and service devoted to the synergy of media and experimental art.


A KuKu Sztuka Association is a group of people who have been active in the field of culture, art and cultural education for many years. We cooperate with various distinct personalities of cultural life of the Tricity and the rest of Poland. Our main aim is to stimulate the creative activity through establishing places for gathering and exchanging ideas; enabling an effective dialogue and the process of shaping the Tricity culture.

Until now, the association organised open-air screenings entitled Film od Morza (Film off the Sea) within the 31. Polish Film Festival in Gdynia and a multimedia exhibition Lech Majewski – Artist of Image. Image of Artist, that promoted the founding of the Pomeranian Science and Technology Park. The Association was nominated to the „Sztorm Roku 2006 (Storm of the year)“ award by „Gazeta Wyborcza“ local newspaper and to Mayor of Gdynia City Hall.

The Association plans for 2007 are: Transvizualia 007 Festival of Audio-Visual Forms, The Planet of Creativity literary workshops, Days of Oliwa Park, Midsummer Night of Miracles: WonderWreaths, the 4th edition of Planete Doc Review, next edition of open-air Film off the Sea, Lemoniada. In Memoriam Stanislaw Lem film-review, Areas of Freedom – review of films and symposium in cooperation with the European Solidarity Centre. We are also planning to initiate the A KuKu Sztuka publishing house.

We are permanently supported by Gdynia City Hall, Gdansk City Council, Pomeranian Film Foundation, University of Gdansk, as well as many local and nationwide media partners. //


Director TV 007: Lena Dula

Art Director: Maciej Szupica

Creative Coordinators: Adam Witkowski (mixed media) // Adam Kamiński (graphics) // Natalia Cyrzan (music) // Paulina Neugebauer (Film) // Piotr Szwabe (street-art) // Łukasz Gronowski (video-art) // Modelator Group: Maks Bochenek, Ola Grzonkowska, Roma Piotrowska (Modelator Section)

PR//Marketing specialist: Emilia Orzechowska




Lena Dula //

Maciej Szupica //


Adam Witkowski //

Natalia Cyrzan //

Paulina Neugebauer //

Sekcja Modelator//


Emilia Orzechowska //

ARTZIN // Editor-in-Chief:

Lena Dula //

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

How to do exhibitions?’ Student workshop by Photomonth in Krakow together with universities of Gdansk, Krakow and Warsaw.

Modelator will take part in `How to do exhibitions?’ Student workshop by Photomonth in
Krakow together with universities of Gdansk, Krakow and Warsaw.
This workshop will bring to light the different view points of people – artists, organizer/institution, curator, staff – engaged in the preparation of art shows. Example is the show ‘Failed Hope’, a group show with 16 artists from Germany. The curator of the show, Dr. Andrea Domesle, and some participating artists are in discussion with young colleagues and students from Universities of Gdansk, Krakow and Warsaw. The goal is to present each stepp in the production process of exhibitions: from the initial idea, through the research phase to the realisation, including external fundraising, communication and installation.

Time: Monday, 7th of May, 10:00 – 13:00

Place: In the exhibition ‘Failed Hope - New Romanticism in Contemporary Photography in Germany ’, The Goetz Palace, Old Okocim Brewery, Lubicz 17 str, Krakow, Poland.

Language: English

Open to students